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Welcome! I'm Sidra.


I want us all to live in a world where we love and thrive and remember that we are not separate from each other, from the Earth and all her beings. I want to live in a world where Justice and Equity are not just nice slogans or ways to sell us something, but the lived realities of every single being (not just human) on this planet. I want to live in a world where everyone has their needs met and is able to live each day with dignity and purpose. Until this is reality, I will do my work.

I am an intuitive, a healer, a channel, a guide, an artist, a witch, a writer, a Queer, white, cis-gendered woman. These are my identities; this is how I offer myself to the healing, freedom, and liberation of all.

Honestly, I spend a lot of my time feeling overwhelmed, feeling helpless, feeling like the tides of oppression and hatred are too big and I am too small. But always, there is a small flicker of hope and possibility inside me. This flicker is fueled by the amazing clients and workshop participants I have the privilege of holding space for. How they might be struggling but are still tending to the flickers inside of themselves. It is also fueled by being in communities where honesty and truth-telling are more important than avoiding conflict or niceness. It is fueled by the call of my ancestors. When I remember their strength, courage, and resilience is what I am made of. It is also true that I must also reckon with the harm they caused.

I have a lot of training, experience, and some wisdom after a life-time of struggle and the opportunities that it brings (I am not glorifying trauma here!). I wish that I could say I always come to this work from a place of love. But I don’t (and I value honesty so I can’t even fake this!). I often come to it from a place of rage. From a place of pure determination that I may not be able to change everything, but surely, I can help change something.

And I’ll say again … I want to live in a world where everyone has their needs met and they live each day with dignity and purpose. Until this is reality, I will do my work.

And if you’re interested in knowing more about me, please check out my credentials and client testimonials. Or get in touch! I’d love to connect with you.

(less formal) areas of study


Buddhism (focus on Zen and Tibetan)

Ayurveda (focus on digestion)

Ancestral Healing

EFT & Tapping

Somatic Awareness

Family Constellation



Energy Healing w/ Donna Eden

Hospice Volunteer

Patient Advocate Volunteer (Planned Parenthood)


education and training

Healing Trauma Program
Jeffrey Rutstein
Before We White: Ancestor Recovery
White Awake
Holistic Business Practices
Rev. Brig Feltus
Heal Thyself Transformative Initiation for People Racialized as White
Rev. Brig Feltus
Bengston Energy Healing Method
William Bengston
Trauma-Aware Conflict Transformation
VMS, Rain Crowe
The Burning Times Never Ended
Village Mystery School (VMS), Rain Crowe
Divine Timing Mastery
Lindsay Pera
Journey to Right Livelihood
Lindsay Pera
Own Your Value
Lee Harris
How to Channel & Why
Lee Harris
Integrative Transformational Coaching
Kate Siner
Integrative Healing Apprenticeship
Kate Siner
School of Womanly Arts
Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)
Medical Intuitive Training
Carolyn Myss
Wisdom of the Earth, Level 1
Wisdom of the Earth
Flow of Grace Apprenticeship, Module 3
Katie Todd
Flow of Grace Apprenticeship, Module 1 & 2
Katie Todd
Dream work (various classes)
Toko-Pa Turner
2014 - 2015
Masters of Business Administration
Marylhurst University
Bachelors of Art
University of Oregon
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