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sacred space
for your liberation

I want to help create a world where we all live in joy, in connection to our bodies, in harmony with the world and all her beings. This is a place for you to begin the journey of coming home.


my journey & process


When I first encountered Energy Healing in 2010, I felt as if I had come home. Here was a miraculous modality that allowed me to tap into many of the ways I’d always moved through and interacted in the world. It took me a few more years to begin more formal study and practice. Since then, I’ve taken what I consider best practices and turned them into a modality that is both similar to other Energy Healing methods and uniquely my own. This is all to support and hold space for the healing and transformation of others and ultimately the world (yes, my vision is that big)!

One of my greatest gifts and skills is that I am both able to tap into and channel the supportive and revitalizing energy that is all around us while at the same time holding the vision that our time on Earth is to be as free and joyous as possible. Or more simply, one foot in the Cosmos, one foot on the Earth. I believe that to be truly revolutionary and life-changing, healing or transformational work must support your freedom and connection in daily life. That is one of the foundations of my work. Likewise, my work is unconditionally anti-racist and I am both personally and in my practice, continually working to dismantle the systems of oppression that have us all bound (white supremacy, cis-hetero patriarchy, un-fettered capitalism, able-bodied bias). "Nobody's free until everybody's free." YES! Thank you, Fannie Lou Hamer, revolutionary, divine ancestor. Let’s get free.

who i can support the best


I’ve worked with a lot of people from many backgrounds and life experiences, and have found that people who receive the most when working with me are those who long for more health, healing, vitality, and joy in their everyday lives and their relationships. People who realize they need support to heal, to help establish (or re-establish) trust with themselves. Our wounding happens in relationships; a respectful, healthy connection can help us heal. Does this sound like you?

Maybe you are curious and have a commitment to becoming so absolutely free so that you might, in your own way, support others and the world in the quest for liberation, healing, and transformation? Maybe you are brand new on this transformational path or maybe you have experienced almost every type of healing modality out there; wherever you are in your process is exactly where you need to be. I will meet you there!

Describing Energy Healing can be challenging. But here are a few more things to consider as you decide if working with me can be of service to you on your journey of healing and liberation.

the energy sessions i offer are …


I’m able to tap into your energy system, your body, your deep wisdom and follow that guidance to tend to the places in your system that need support. Whatever arises is met with kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

body-aware, body-honoring

Our deepest healing comes when we both honor the wisdom of our bodies and are able to inhabit our bodies more fully. This is a perfect place for you to engage in this way.

shamanic & woven in ancestral connection

You are a part of nature. You ebb and flow as does the water and the wind and the seasons. You are part of a rich and diverse inheritance. You’ve probably forgotten much of that. I will help you remember.

able to meet you exactly where you are

And because I’m able to really hold space for you and who you are in this exact moment, the work will not re-traumatize you and often (but not always) you will feel relief and balance in your nervous system.

holistic and honoring

You are the expert of you and your life. I will hold space, share what may not be clear to you, and offer my gentle reflections. I am able to listen deeply to both what is said and shared and what has not fully come to form.

trauma informed

I am not a therapist, but have spent many years healing my own trauma with the help of some amazing support. I have also studied and practiced so that I might hold safe and sacred space for others on their journey to repair the wounds created from the trauma experienced in developmental years as well as the trauma caused by the oppressive societal systems that really don’t want us to thrive.

rooted in liberatory consciousness

(Barbara J. Love, thank you for this idea and language). And as a person in a white body, I am always learning and unlearning, which is a life-long process.


"utterly safe and held"


"What I so appreciate about my sessions with Sidra is how utterly safe and "held" I feel. I love how she reminds me at the start that I don't need to anything other than receive. I always feel light, expansive, and generally "blissed out." Sidra is super intuitive, but shares her experiences in a way that leaves the interpretation to me. I love this approach, because I believe that we all have the answers inside us."



healing testimonials


book a healing session

initial phone / zoom consultation

20 min


A "get to know me" discovery session for new and prospective clients.


virtual intuitive energy session

60 min

$ 150

Book for the first time or book as a return client.


short virtual intuitive energy session

30 min


For return clients in need of support but not a full session. Ideal for addressing a particular issue.


3 virtual intuitive energy sessions 

60 min

$ 420

A package of 3 sessions (60 min per session). Save $50 over the cost of individually purchased sessions.


6 virtual intuitive energy sessions 

60 min

$ 810

A package of 6 sessions (60 min per session) scheduled every other week or at a pace that is right for you. Save 20% or $180 over the cost of individual sessions. Perfect for those wanting to go deeper and receive the benefit of on-going and consistent support. You will also receive discounts on workshops and events.


12 virtual intuitive energy sessions 

60 min

$ 1500

A package of 12 sessions (60 min per session) scheduled every other week or at a pace that is right for you. An even bigger discount over the price of individual sessions (Save 25% or $450). Perfect for those wanting to go even deeper and receive the benefit of on-going and consistent support. Includes between session support and discounts on workshops and events.


*As part of my personal and ongoing anti-racism and economic justice work, I offer discounted pricing for BIPOC. 20% off prices listed above. Enter coupon code: 20%. Contact me for additional sliding scale.​​​


Click here for more information on financial reparations and economic justice.​​​


I offer one reduced price session per month for anyone who might benefit from a session, but who needs some financial assistance. Contact me for more information and to schedule. 


group healing sessions


Group healing is a potent and powerful way to experience the benefits of individual energy healing as well as the bonus of the enhanced group energy field that we create together. There is something both deepening and expansive about coming together as a group to receive care and nourishing energy, to support the healing and repairing of your (probably) hyper-vigilant nervous system, to soften into compassion and acceptance of all that is happening in your life and the bigger world.

It is my hope that all of us feel a sense of belonging, of community, of coming home to our most sacred and divine self.

Email me to be notified when the next session is announced!

This is a brand-new group that I am offering in service to you, to the community, and to the world at large. As I navigate creating this offering there are some unknowns. What I do know is…

  1. This is an inclusive space. See what I mean by that by reading more below*

  2. This is an honoring and non-compulsory space. You are in charge of what you take in and how you participate. I encourage you to check in frequently with yourself for consent.

  3. Our time will mostly be sent with me channeling and transmitting energy, and you receiving. At this time there will be two times to connect with each other, during opening introductions and during closing comments and questions. These are also completely optional parts of the group.

  4. Camera off or on; again, your choice. Speak or don’t speak during the opening and closing.

  5. While I am trauma informed, because of the nature of group work I can’t control every variable and won’t be able to offer individual support during our time together. By registering you are acknowledging that you are taking responsibility for your own care. And I am available for individual sessions if you know that will be supportive.

*This is an inclusive space. A space for all. A space for Black, Indigenous and all people of color. A space for people with differently-abled bodies, for fat bodies, for people anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. This is non-negotiable. By Registering for this, or any workshop or event I am facilitating, you are agreeing to participant in making this a welcoming and honoring space for all marginalized identities; for everyone.




embodied writing


A place for you, your creativity, and the magic of community. A space for you to show up exactly as you are in that moment, where every single precious part of you is welcome.

We will open our 90-minute circle with a Blessing or Invocation. We will end our time together with a dance break. Whatever this looks like for you, honoring your body, your energy level, your desires. In this workshop, you are 100% in charge of what you take in and how you participate. During our time together, I will encourage you to check in frequently with yourself for consent.


I’ll offer prompts and poems and music and art as springboards into writing. This is also an opportunity for you to bring writing or art or another project along with you to continue working on in the support of a circle.


One of the most powerful parts of these workshops is the space and opportunity for you to share, hear your own voice, be seen and heard in a profoundly deep way (a way that is often absent in the world). It’s amazing how we can really connect to something deep inside ourselves without the chatter and opinions that normally drown out the more subtle voice of our own knowing. There will also be opportunity to connect with each other in gentle ways as we offer reflection and witness to one another.

No writing experience necessary! No experience of any kind necessary. Come exactly as you are! Your place is waiting.

For the first time, I am offering this workshop on a sliding scale. Pay what you can. I know some who might sign up are really struggling financially, so this will allow them to pay less. For those who are feeling more financially resourced right now, you can pay a bit more. I want everyone who feels called to be able to attend!

winter ~ embodied writing (virtual via zoom)

90 min per workshop

pay what you can! (suggested $0 - $500)


This is a series of workshops. By registering you are signing up for each session in the series. We will meet from 11-12:30 Pacific time the 1st & 3rd Fridays January - March (1/6, 1/20, 2/3, 2/17, 3/3, 3/17)


"a space for growth & healing"


"Sidra's intuitive, creative prompts along with the warmth and care she nurtures, make her writing circles an essential part of my journey. She creates a space for growth and healing."



workshop testimonials