Energy Healing.

I honestly don't know where to begin with writing this review, because the help and transformation that has happened in my life because of Sidra Quinn, is beyond words. But I will try, in the hopes that someone else will take the step that will help transform their soul. Because this is what Sidra does: transforms souls.


But, before I go into that, I want to speak about Sidra as a person because you don't want just anyone having access to the deepest parts of your energy. Sidra Quinn is one of the most fiercely authentic people, I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Her integrity has no cracks. Her words, her actions, and the way she moves in the world, and will show up for you is completely aligned.


She has done her own inner work and she is the real deal. This is completely necessary in a healer.


I have spent ten years trying almost EVERY SINGLE healing modality I have run across, and they all did their piece, but energy-clearing moved the needle and accelerated transformation in a way nothing has. It's because of Sidra, that I was able to navigate an incredibly challenging transition and dissolution and come out on the other side as a stronger, more grounded, more centered and more ME version of myself.


This is because I trusted Sidra completely. As a queer, BIPOC woman, which is only half of my messy threads of identities, I have always felt the need to defend myself against which ever healer I was working with, but, Sidra, I trusted completely. I don't think I trust anyone as much as I trust Sidra Quinn. She has gone SO much above and beyond that I just honestly have no words.


In summary, Sidra Quinn is an amazing human being, an amazingly powerful and talented healer and you should hire her. ~Fatima

My energy healing sessions with Sidra have been exactly what I needed. In the six months that I have been working with Sidra I have become lighter in spirit, more aware of my energy and others and I have felt my heart open to possibilities that I had been shut down around for years. My ability to trust my intuition has also grown and produced a sense of ease that I have not experienced previously. Even after my first session I knew that this was the type of medicine my spirit needed. ~ Judy

I am a person with very little experience with energy work. I use the term "woo-woo" for example, even though energy work calls to me. I very much appreciated how Sidra met me in this place. She has a very rooted, down-to-earth and even practical quality, probably from all her experience working in a business setting. But she is also so clearly gifted in the energetic realm. I was amazed at what arose in the session, and how feelings and images come to her that deeply resonated with what was going on in my life. I left a strong sense of how to support myself, and also with some helpful images that came to Sidra in the process of the session. They felt like talismans to me to carry forward into the new year. - BD

I feel so blessed by Sidra's healing. She has such a warm and peaceful way about her. During every session, she creates an inviting and safe space to journey inward where one can nestle into the all knowing. At the end, I feel at peace, cleansed and more in touch with my own body's energy flow. - Oana

Sidra is a kind, skilled, insightful practitioner.  I feel blessed to have met her when I moved to Portland. I was in need of spiritual and energetic guidance and she helped me in so many ways to get healthy. Her keen insight and gentle approach each time I saw her was a much needed gift. Every time I left my session with Sidra, I felt so grounded. When I moved to Bend she helped me find resources to continue my work. I highly recommend Sidra. - Leslie

What I so appreciate about my sessions with Sidra is how utterly safe and "held" if feel. I love how she reminds me at the start that I don't need to anything other than receive. I always feel light, expansive, and generally "blissed out." Sidra is super intuitive, but shares her experiences in a way that leaves the interpretation to me. I love this approach, because I believe that we all have the answers inside us. - Miranda

Energy Portraits.

I am so delighted and am pleased daily by Sidra's energy portrait that she did for me, and which I have hung in a place of honor above my bed. It presented such a bolder, more powerful, and beautiful representation of my energy than I had ever expected, which made me feel more confident and powerful as a result. Each time I look at it, I feel good about myself, which can be difficult to experience in this culture and age. When I glance at it, I just think - "wow, so that's what my energy looks like?" Sidra also took the time to explain to me what the different elements within it symbolized, adding a layer of meaning to the portrait that was intriguing and a great reminder of the uniqueness of my own path and gifts. Visually, the portrait is gorgeous and enlivens the most intimate space of my bedroom. I feel so honored and grateful to Sidra for creating this for me! - Xiaojue

Before meeting Sidra Quinn I hadn't the faintest idea what an Energetic Portrait was! The first time I saw a piece of her work, I didn't know the person it was done for, but the energy emanating from it spoke volumes. I got my Energetic Portrait December 2018, and it resides on a wall above my alter and my meditative space in my bedroom. The energy in that space has magnified and every time I look at that beautiful energetic work of art, I see me in all my Feminine warrior power, I see endless possibilities, I see my dreams materializing, I see fear dissipating, I see who I was meant to be and am becoming. Sidra sees through to your soul, when she is creating 'Your' Energetic Portrait. It is not just energizing and uplifting, but it is also a magnificent piece of art ~ Roni

Workshops & Ceremonies.

Sidra's intuitive, creative prompts along with the warmth and care she nurtures, make her writing circles an essential part of my journey. She creates a space for growth and healing. - Rhonda

Sidra's Tuesday morning writing class is a fine learning experience for me. I especially enjoy the interesting prompts - new ones each week. It’s amazing how many thoughts come so quickly when permission is given to free-write. Several of my best poems have come from our writing together. Sidra's ability to help us listen carefully and without judgment to each other’s work is inspiring. The friendships that arise in the class also inspire and nourish. - Mary

I look forward to each one of Sidra's writing circles. She provides imaginative prompts and puts loving attention into each writing circle she facilitates. She also makes this a place where I can feel comfortable expressing whatever I wish to write. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to participate in these writing circles ~ Hillary

I was fortunate to take a writing class that Sidra facilitated and I learned so much about myself. If you get a chance to take one of her classes, sign up immediately! You will never want the sessions to end! - Leslie

I have attended four writing workshops facilitated by Sidra Quinn and have enjoyed the whole experience each time. Sidra is skilled at creating a supportive writing environment which helps me find joy in writing and sharing. In the numerous workshops, Sidra brought fresh ideas and new energy, never repeating a previous prompt. I recommend Sidra Quinn's writing workshops. They are engaging, informative, and fun! ~ Nancy

When I left the circle, I stopped by the store on the way home. I felt light, happy, and ready for anything walking in the sunshine. - Julianne