Reparations and Economic Justice.

* For the white people reading this: As a white person, one of the most important things I am doing in the world is working to dismantle white supremacy and it’s deadly effects. That includes my own personal work but it also must include financial justice. 


The following list is courtesy of Catrice Jackson (if you are ready to do your own anti-racism work, I recommend connecting with her in a workshop or by reading her books):

1. Reparations are an act of admission, reconciliation, and repair of harm done to a group of people.  

2. Reparations should not be given from a place of guilt and shame, but rather truth, accountability, justice and love.  

3. Reparations are not a donation or gift. It is debt owed.  

4. Reparations are not charity. They are one attempt to right the wrongs.  

5. We cannot wait on the government to pay the debt. And this debt should be paid exactly like you prioritize the paying of your other debts. Consistently and ongoing. 


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