Energy Healing Sessions.

As an intuitive energy healer, I help

create balance in the physical and energetic bodies: allowing you to tap into your own innate capacity for healing. I hold space for you to re-member and remember your whole and perfectly designed self. Intuitive energy healing can support you in dealing with trauma as well as helping you identify those habitual, but hidden patterns, that keep you from living the life you desire. Sessions may include navigating past lives and ancestral wounds; bringing them to awareness so they can be explored and repaired.

This session is right for you if you ...

  • desire to feel more at home in your body and to be grounded in more love and acceptance.

  • would like to receive grace and to invite in the divine, the magical, the alchemical.

  • want to end the constant struggle and move toward accepting yourself as whole and complete.

  • would like to hear more clearly the voice of your own essence; recognize your thoughts as words and not the ultimate truth.

  • need the guidance of an energetic and spiritual midwife to help birth the creations and experiences you desire.

  • are empathic and/or a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and need support that will allow you to unfurl and unwind your nervous system in this often over-stimulating world.

  • are a writer, artist, healer, or a creative person of any type and you want to give yourself the gift of space, attention, and time to receive and replenish the well of your creativity.

  • have met a roadblock on the journey of your life and need support and guidance to navigate the terrain.

Book a Healing Session.


Because this work is cumulative and your process and healing takes time, I recommend a minimum of three sessions. Monthly packages are also available as they allow the greatest impact and offer the most savings.

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Initial Phone / Zoom Consultation

15 min

In-Person Healing Session

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90 min


90 min


Energy Tune-up

45 min


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Only for Return Clients!

Package of 3 Healing Sessions

Save $50 over the cost of individual sessions!


90 min per session

3 Month Package

Includes 6 sessions

Save 20% or $180 over the cost of individual sessions!


90 min per session

6 Month Package

Includes 12 sessions


90 min per session

  • *As part of my personal and ongoing anti-racism and reparations work, I offer discounted pricing for BIPOC. 20% off prices listed above. Enter coupon code: 20%. Contact me for additional sliding scale

  • I offer one reduced price session per month for anyone who needs it. Contact me for more information and to schedule.

  • Click here for more information on financial reparations and economic justice.

Greatest Savings!

Save 25% or $450 over the cost of individual sessions!


Sidra is a kind, skilled, insightful practitioner.  I feel blessed to have met her when I moved to Portland. I was in need of spiritual and energetic guidance and she helped me in so many ways to get healthy. Her keen insight and gentle approach each time I saw her was a much needed gift. Every time I left my session with Sidra, I felt so grounded. When I moved to Bend she helped me find resources to continue my work. I highly recommend Sidra. - Leslie