I am so delighted and am pleased daily by Sidra's energy portrait that she did for me, and which I have hung in a place of honor above my bed. It presented such a bolder, more powerful, and beautiful representation of my energy than I had ever expected, which made me feel more confident and powerful as a result. Each time I look at it, I feel good about myself, which can be difficult to experience in this culture and age. When I glance at it, I just think - "wow, so that's what my energy looks like?" Sidra also took the time to explain to me what the different elements within it symbolized, adding a layer of meaning to the portrait that was intriguing and a great reminder of the uniqueness of my own path and gifts. Visually, the portrait is gorgeous and enlivens the most intimate space of my bedroom. I feel so honored and grateful to Sidra for creating this for me! - Xiaojue

Energy Portraits.

Watercolor Stain

Your essence is a work of art.

Watercolor Stain

An Energy Portrait is a unique and beautiful
way to honor yourself and your own journey. You will receive messages and guidance from both the process of my creating as well as the finished
piece of art.


“Sidra's energetic portraits are so powerful, beautiful, and healing in that they reflect our own power and beauty back to us.” - Xiaojue

Let's Work Together.

Currently, I am offering these portraits for

a basic flat-fee of $250 (shipping is extra and you’ll pay exact shipping cost). Once you receive the portrait, you can decide if you want to pay more. I'm pricing the art portraits in this way, because the size, materials, and amount of time it takes, are all part of the energetic transmission, healing, and  message; and are unique to each individual. 


In commissioning a portrait, you’ll receive:


  1. a unique piece of art that represents your essence.

  2. a detailed letter explaining both the portrait and what came through as messages and guidance for you during the creation process.

  3. plant medicine infused right into your portrait and a message from plant(s) that will support you on your journey.

  4. a follow-up phone (or in person) consultation for you to ask questions or receive more information (optional).

What You'll Receive.