About Me.

Love. Healing is love. I've studied a variety of healing modalities and methods. Spent many hours in training and as an apprentice. Dedicated years holding space and creating healing opportunities for many clients. And the one constant the the ONLY thing I can say with absolute certainty is that Love heals. Love allows us to remember our own divine nature and tap into our own innate wisdom and healing powers.

I would be honored to hold you in loving space. In healing space. No pressure for you to feel lovable or to have any self love. Those things will happen in time as you remember and are re-membered as whole and perfect.

I invite you to get in touch for a consultation to see if we might be a good match. It would be an honor to connect with you. And if you don't find what you're seeking with me, I have a lot of other supportive people that I can share with you. The important thing is to reach out.

In Love and Gratitude, 


Bengston Energy Healing Method – William Bengston. 2021

Trauma-Aware Conflict Transformation – VMS, rain crowe, 2021

The Burning Times Never Ended – Village Mystery School (VMS), rain crowe 2020

Divine Timing Mastery – Lindsay Pera, 2020

Journey to Right Livelihood – Lindsay Pera, 2020

Mystic Society (member) – Lindsay Pera, 2020-present

Own Your Value – Lee Harris, 2020

How to Channel & Why – Lee Harris, 2020

Integrative Transformational Coaching - Kate Siner, 2019

Integrative Healing Apprenticeship - Kate Siner, 2018

School of Womanly Arts – Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena), 2018

Medical Intuitive Training – Carolyn Myss, 2017

Wisdom of the Earth, Level 1 – Wisdome of the Earth, 2016

Flow of Grace Apprenticeship, Module 3 — Katie Todd, 2015

Flow of Grace Apprenticeship, Module 1 & 2 — Katie Todd, 2014 

Dream work (various classes) - Toko-Pa Turner, 2014-2015

Masters of Business Administration – Marylhurst University, 2006

Bachelors of Art - University of Oregon, 1993


Other (less formal) areas of study and interest:

Buddhism (focus on Zen and Tibetian)

Ayurveda (focus on digestion)

Ancestral healing

EFT & Tapping

Somatic Awareness

Family Constellation



Energy Healing w/Donna Eden

Hospice Volunteer

Patient Advocate volunteer (Planned Parenthood)