About Me.

Hello! Welcome. I'm Sidra Quinn (she/her preferred pronouns). I’ve been a seeker and student my entire life. I remember a collage (vision board) that I made my senior year in high school; it was covered completely in places I wanted to travel to and visit. While I do love to travel, the desire that was coming through those pictures and those words was to explore the world and to be in intimate connection with her beings. That desire, the longing to experience everything, has only gotten wider and deeper since then.


I spent much of my adult life in what society's traditional roles. I went to collage, and received a couple of advanced degrees; I worked in corporate American, and moving up the ladder. I became a mother to an amazing boy, who has now grown into a man. And while I would not change anything about my choices or the experiences I had, I’m so grateful that I chose a new path when it was offered to me. 


About ten years ago, I left the corporate world and began exploring what it would look like to work for myself and follow my heart and sometimes my fear led me

(as I don’t like to let fear dictate my choices, I have a tendency to move toward what scares me). I wrote for a little money; offered writing workshops to circles of women, where we explored our own depths in the safety and love of community. And then I came across a flyer for an energy healing apprenticeship. I signed up immediately and had the honor and blessing of studying and apprenticing with an amazing woman, Katie Todd, for almost three years. Intuitive energy healing felt like coming home. Holding space for others to connect to their own innate healing resources, utilized all the ways that I lived and navigated the world in a way that nothing else has. 


Since then I’ve studied with other teachers and healers. I’ve had some positive experiences, some very challenging and yucky experiences; but I’ve grown with all of them. 


Another thread that has been present throughout my life, in addition to being a seeker, has been the need to be of service to the world and her beings. In this way, the work that I do, through Intuitive Energy healing, space holding, mentoring, and creating art, is my offering of service. So, check out the rest of this site. Let me know if you’d like to connect and talk about working together. And even if I’m not offering what you need to receive, my address book (and heart) is very full of others who also offer their services to the world. I can probably connect you with someone.

For more about me, visit my bio page on the SomaSpace website, where I currently offer in-person Intuitive

Energy Healing Sessions.

In Gratitude, 

Let's Talk.

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